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Since the creation of the company in 2004, over a million internet users have tried our services. Our team has advised and assisted in the setting up of over a hundred dedicated blog platforms under the client's own brand name, based on the blogSpirit Community solution.

Today, we have a unique level of expertise in the overseeing of blog-based projects and we seek to share this expertise with our clients. We are in permanent contact with the community managers of the projects for which we provide the necessary tools, and we are continuously broadening our expertise through the shared experience of managing community projects.

As you will have appreciated, our mission is not confined to producing software solutions. We go further by sharing our expertise and advice on good practice in order to ensure every chance of success for your project. Whatever the nature of your project, blogSpirit will assist and advise you at all the stages of your project.

Please contact us for further information.

Training sessions

We offer a range of training sessions designed for all the participants in a community project. They are run by senior community managers who are experts in Web 2.0 and specialists in running online blogs.

There are 6 modules, which address the main issues associated with Web 2.0 and the running of a community project:

  • Module 1: Introduction to participatory web services / Web 2.0
  • Module 2: The fundamentals of Community Management
  • Module 3: Getting a participatory project off the ground
  • Module 4: The operational aspects of Community Management
  • Module 5: The creation of web content
  • Module 6: Concluding a participatory project. What next?

These training sessions, which are offered according to level for groups of up to 5 persons maximum, are both theoretical and practical.

Specially adapted training sessions can also be offered within your company in the form of specific sessions.

Please contact us to discuss your needs

Entrusting the service / Migration

Managing a blog project is not something that should be improvised. Functional developments, software maintenance, hosting and the management of spam are all activities which require ongoing monitoring and expertise.

This is why some companies prefer to entrust us with the management of their project. In so doing, they are relieved of significant technical demands and are able to focus instead on the business objectives associated with their project.

Whether it is a question of 10 blogs or 200,000 blogs, the migration from one type of blog technology to another requires a series of technical operations which we have already carried out and successfully concluded for a dozen different platforms.

Would you like to place your blogs in safe hands? Let's discuss it!

Community Management

The community management of a blog project requires various areas of expertise, depending on the nature of your project and of your audiences. Whether the objective is to run a company blog, a community of several thousand blogs or to moderate contributions and comments, blogSpirit can call on independent consultants and experts who can offer you the best available expertise.

Please consult us for an evaluation of your project.