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Posting of content made easy

Images, sounds, videos Use the enriched text editor to lay out your text. Insert images and re-size them. Upload a sound or a video from your hard disk or directly cut and paste the code provided by the content-sharing platforms.

Draft versions and automatic future posting

When creating postings in draft mode, you can prepare your content, save it and return to it several times. When you are ready, you can post it immediately or select the date and the time when you wish your post or your page to appear online.

Photo album

To present your photos appealingly, place them in dedicated albums which can be accessed directly from your blog sidebar. By importing images via a zip folder, you can post your photos with ease in a single click. Finally, with the draft mode, you can select which of your albums you wish to display.

Widgets (sidebar modules for your blog)

Add as many modules as you like to the sidebars of your blog: content, images, feeds, applications, etc. Analytical Google statistics, a Facebook social module and a twitter widget are all applications which you can import onto your blog simply by copying the code provided by the website into a new module on your blog - as easy as that!

Posting from...

By email

With blogSpirit, blogging is as simple as sending an email. This is because your blog has a 'secret' email address. To publish your posts and post associated files or images, you simply send an email to this email address and the contents of your email will be automatically turned into a new post on your blog.

Via a third-party application

Thanks to web services / API, blogSpirit allows you to update your blog from software applications which you can install on your computer or from other Web 2.0 services. Enter the URL of the web service ( and your account username and password, and you then have access to your blogs and can update them via these applications! Try it out from your Microsoft Word (c) software by publishing a new post.

Via a mobile application

blogSpirit enables your to update your blog from your Iphone. Download the application from Appstore, enter the URL of your blog and your secret code and you can then update your blog from wherever you are.

Disseminate your content

Disseminate content on social networks

Thanks to the function 'Post on social networks', all or part of your content can be automatically posted on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. To do this, you simply have to link your accounts with a single click.

RSS / Atom

So that readers can sign up to your news postings via their feed aggregator or so that you can disseminate your content on other web services, your blog has RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds, which can also be accessed by category. The addresses of these feeds are indicated on the 'Feeds' page in the Publications tab.


For readers who wish to receive your news via a traditional newsletter, blogSpirit offers a 'Newsletter' module which you can activate with a single click to display a dedicated module in the sidebar of your blog. You can prepare your newsletter at your own rhythm and address it to the list of email addresses you have received via the module.

Search engine ranking

The search engine ranking of your content is a key element which our teams devote themselves to continuously. The rewriting of URLs, the presence of a file map at the root of your blog and the links strategy which has been adopted for the page templates of your blog are all elements which, independently of the content you publish, promote the indexing of your content on Google and other search engines.

Organise your content

Posts or pages?

blogSpirit enables you to publish content in the form of posts and of pages. Posts are attributed dates, categories and key words so that they can be found more quickly and easily. Posts are arranged in descending chronological order, with your most recent publications appearing first. Pages are atemporal, descriptive content which are arranged in a tree structure with n levels. Pages and posts enable you to create a website and / or blog using a single administration interface. See our 'blog site' solution.

Categories, tags and archives

Categories, tags and temporal archives offer 3 simple ways of organising your posts and making it easy for your visitors to access them.


All content published on the blog (text, image, sound, video) can be geolocated using a tag and be displayed on a Google world-map. The map can be integrated onto the blog sidebar in just a few clicks in the form of a widget.


Friends' websites, contacts, books, CDs, films and documents... the links to friends and to the resources which you wish to share with your audience can be published in lists. Each list displays in your sidebars links to websites, blogs and other content which you recommend.

Protect and moderate

Advance moderation

Do you want to read all the reactions from your readers before publishing them on your blog? The advance moderation function enables you to remain in control by sending you an email each time a comment is posted on one of your posts.

Scheduled moderation

Choose the time-frames for the moderation of your content. For example, your blog can be automatically switched to advance moderation mode in the evening or at weekends. You can also define a time-frame beyond which comments on a post are closed (three days, a week, a fortnight or a month).

Blacklisting of an IP address

Our software displays the IP address of every user who leaves a comment. You can blacklist an IP address in a single click and that person is not able to post further comments.


Do you wish to protect access to the reading of your blog via one or several usernames and passwords? The 'Private access' function enables you to add as many access protections as you wish.

Protection via IP

Does your content require protection in addition to private access rights? You can opt for restriction on the basis of IP addresses. Only visitors who access your blog via the IP addresses which you have defined can read your content.

Presentation & Design

Presentation templates

blogSpirit places at your disposal a catalogue containing several dozen templates for the visual layout and customization of your blog. 2 or 3 sidebars, colour palettes, customized banner, etc. You can make your blog unique in several clicks.

Bespoke design

Using the advanced design configuration space, you have unlimited options for customizing all your blog pages and the style palette you use.

Creation of a bespoke template

You want a bespoke design? Our graphics studio is at your disposal for the creation and integration of your visual branding. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Mobile template

So that your readers can read the contents of your blog on all mobiles in an optimised format, we have designed a layout template which is suitable for mobiles.

Administrating a community of blogs

For the administrators of blog platforms, blogSpirit has designed a solution which is unique in the marketplace. It brings together 2 applications in a single solution called blogSpirit Community - a blog platform for the blogger (under their own brand name) and a comprehensive application for community management - blogSpirit Community Manager - for the administrator and the community manager. Find out why more than 50 companies have chosen blogSpirit as the solution for running their community of bloggers.

Blog platforms with your own brand name

Bearing your visual branding, positioned under you domain name and integrated into your identification systems through an SSO, blogSpirit enables you to provide a blog service to your audiences which is fully integrated into your web environment and your other services.

Seamless integration (web services)

Thanks to its web services, blogSpirit allows you to seamlessly integrate the blog service into your portal. The numerous feeds available provide you with input for your pages according to the type of content, the themes and the status of the members.

Administration of the users and the blogs

blogSpirit Community Manager enables you to supervise from a single space all of the users subscribed to the service and to manage their access rights and subscriptions.